Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Management Hazard One

Beware of losing touch with the "real world" of your employees or team members. It's easy to get in your own world as a manager, despite constant contact with those whom you supervise because you aren't performing in their arena. No matter how good your grasp of the business, unless you determine to actively participate in the jobs you supervise, there will be inevitable losses incurred. There will be loss of communication on both ends, loss of understanding and inevitably, a loss of productivity. Avoid the trap by spending time on the job in the work area, out in the field, in the role of those you supervise.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Welcome to Sunshower U.

Sir Francis Bacon is quoted as saying, "Knowledge is power." Unfortunately there is a huge power drain in information technology. A large portion of IT power is untapped because of the tendency for some to be intimidated, bored or frustrated with the element of life they love to hate. There is a way to recapture the knowledge being wasted to do what it was designed to do - make life easier. There are three steps to empower yourself in the realm of information technology:
  1. Recognize that it is the nature of the beast that all can learn from anyone and all can teach someone.
  2. Decide to discover and explore.
  3. Enable yourself by eliminating the intimidation factor, also known as frustration.