Tuesday, July 12, 2016

My Favorite Travel Hacks

TSA Precheck
If you haven’t already done so, get this. I used to occasionally get a complimentary precheck status on my boarding pass and finally decided to apply for the paid version. With TSA precheck I go through that short quick line and do not need to be bothered with removing belt, shoes or – my most dreaded – removing the laptop from my luggage with one hand while moving forward in the line! The paid version is $85 and is good for five years of the Easy Button line. The application process is straightforward, but make an appointment.  The office where I had to go had about 10 people there and I was very glad to have an appointment as some had been waiting two hours. Also, make sure TSA Precheck is accepted by your airline. More info here: TSA Precheck

May I See Your ID?
I pack my wallet in my carry-on, but it’s more convenient to keep my driver’s license in my pants pocket for the check-in and security process. Still, it’s easy for that license to slip out of my pocket and be lost. I now slide it in my pocket-size business card holder and that stays in my pocket securely.  I also keep my bank card in there too, so it's handy for my Starbucks stop or anything that may come up.

Zoom Menu
If you don’t have time for a meal at the airport tote a healthy sandwich, muffin or energy bar. I usually have to zoom from the terminal to baggage claim to the ground transportation to catch a bus with zero time to wait in line for food. I make sure to pack my food securely in a plastic container and a Ziploc bag so the aroma  from the sandwich that may be quite appealing to me does not bother other passengers on the plane!

Sensitive Ears
I have a lot of discomfort while ascending and descending. Sometimes it can last 24 hours or more after flying. So I discovered that if I keep my headphones in my ears during those times, there is hardly any discomfort. Sometimes I also use bubblegum.

I have a lot of luggage! A backpack is indispensable and is especially helpful after I grab my baggage and continue my journey on a bus that includes a transfer.

Rushing Water
Bring an empty water bottle in your carry-on so that you can fill it from a water fountain when you arrive at your destination. Again this is for when time is critical and you can’t wait in line.

No Ice, Please
Serve me my juice in that little bitty cup and fill it with ice? No thanks, I would rather have more juice.

Flight Attendants
Make their day and be a happy, smiling passenger. Smile and say “Hi” when you board and “Thank you, have a nice day” when you deplane, especially if there have been delays or other negatives.
They could use some encouragement:  7 Things Your Flight Attendant Won’t Tell You

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