Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Email Keepers Infographic
I had over 10,000 messages in my non-business inbox, because it does not get as much attention, so it was high time to get it cleaned up. As I sorted by sender and went through unsubscribing and deleting en masse, I learned some things about email marketing that are of value. Naturally, I want to pass that on.

Then I thought, hey why not make an infographic? Of course it had to be Easter-themed - Click to download the infographic and read on as I explain my process of choosing which email senders would be my Keepers.

  • Love the Product - I noted many of these appeal to the senses, i.e., food, restaurants (um yes indeed).
  • Potential Value - I saw value in the  product i.e., reward points programs I participate in.
  • Interest in Product though I may not have purchased
  • Essentials:  things I’m afraid to miss out on i.e., airline sales and mail from my pc security software company
  • Special Deals on products I purchase or would like to purchase

DELETES AND UNSUBSCRIBES – the cracked eggs 
  • Poor customer experience, either in-person encounter, phone or online ordering.
  • Don’t Recognize Sender or did not subscribe. Talk to me for ideas on how to build your list.
  • Too Many Emails. This one is unfortunate because sometimes this phenomenon can create a lack of interest in a potential customer.
  • Interesting but not enough time to read. I have ways to work around this and get your reader’s attention.
We pay attention to what really matters or has potential for us. There is a lot of competition in your customers' and clients' inboxes, but there are ways to make email marketing work overtime to win them.