Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Recognizing Value

Recognizing Value
Whether via email, social media, your blog or website; when you message your clients/customers/potential clients, your goal is to provide value. But, are you certain they will recognize it? This is an easy one. How do you recognize value from service providers or potential service providers? You want results. You are looking for something that brings quality, enhances your situation; you want things BETTER.
Bear in mind what's valuable to me may not be (perceived as) valuable to others. Value must be customer-centric. Who are you? Who are they?
Let’s look at three kinds of value.

  1. Absolute Value – For some businesses this would consist of your up-front bottom line vision of success for your clients. Some types of businesses express absolute value through coupons or sales.
  2. Hidden Value or Unexpected Value – when the message and the messenger don’t match up in a good way. For instance, your provider is a golf expert but their message is about diet and exercise. It’s refreshing simply because it was unexpected and the golf expert isn’t hammering you with another reason to sign up for their new series of lessons or workshops.
  3. Intrinsic Value - the message is rich with much needed timely information. This requires intuitiveness and research on your part. It connects the offering with something current or customer-targeted. The recipient’s reaction should be, “Cool, how did she know?”, or “This is so needed right now.”
You are going for a match made in heaven when you message. That's what happens when two minds meet by way of Recognized Value.

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