Monday, January 8, 2018

What About When It’s Not January Anymore?

2018. New Year’s Momentum.  You too? Renewed energy is thick in the air as we all do what people do, restart and create. It happens every year at this time.

Then the year progresses and there is a TO-DO List as long as your arm and stacks of critical tasks that pile up and soon we feel like we are swimming in a whirlpool again. That nice holiday break was good at refreshing and rejuvenating and for some, much needed time off.  But, life is what it is. And so here comes phase two of 2018.

Rather than accept the deceleration of all the plans you had in January, stop and reflect on why you made those plans. What good things were supposed to happen as a result? Don’t abandon the potential that sprang from that January energy. Reorganize and get help if you need it, but keep that Momentum alive. Good things lie ahead!