Thursday, April 12, 2018


Customer Delight
What exactly are the components that make up Customer Delight?

It’s the happy surprise. Who doesn’t like a happy surprise? You come home from work and the dinner you were expecting to make yourself is made and waiting on the table. You get that bouquet of flowers from your honey for no reason at all. Your child makes you a beautiful drawing that says, “I love You" and it’s not Mother’s or Father’s Day.

When I work with my clients, I like to surprise them. There is nothing like an unexpected bonus to bring a smile.

Some of the things I like to do have included:

  • Adding Some Free Training in Passing
    I love to share about technology. Having once been a Computer Information Systems major and having years of IT experience, I have a little storehouse of knowledge in that area. But, I’m a marketer and the marketing business is not an educational venture. Nevertheless, I manage to slip in nuggets and gems when I can to enhance my client’s experience and confidence with technology.
  • Going Beyond the Laundry List of To-Dos
    A little thing that my client may not have thought of gets a mention in an email and, wow! It may turn out that little mention was a “Good catch” or I hear, “Yes please, do that I like it”. It was just a mention in an email, but the effect is substantial.
  • Adding Perks (But Not Time) to the Project
    Recently I have started to use screen capture videos to show my clients how a feature of their software or website works. It has turned out to be fun for me to do, doesn’t take much of my own time and enriches the project we are working on.
  • Waving My Magic Wand of Creativity
    These are little touches that add little or no extra time to the project, but add measurable worth and value. Some examples include changing a font, adding some color, or reorganizing some copy to add punch and clarity. 


My Sunshower, LLC Vision Statement is:
“Meet the immediate need. Reveal the big picture. Be excellent. Be outstanding. Grow beyond present areas of expertise.” 
I believe my commitment to my vision statement helps me create a work atmosphere that is conducive to producing “Customer Delight”.  I will not “put my name on” any work I feel doesn't meet the standards I have set. It is my humble and sincere hope that I continue to grow and find new ways to fulfill my vision. 

What are your insights into Customer Delight? I could have included some links to articles on the topic, but I would much rather hear from you. Email me: or comment below. Thanks!