Friday, January 22, 2016

Where's the art? Where's the poetry?

I remember asking myself that question when I was working at my job, working for someone else. I envisioned a day when I owned my own business and could some how discover a way to weave art and poetry into my business in a tangible workable way Well as most know and experience earning a living, especially if that is a b2b business, there is not a lot of art and poetry flowing. It's the nuts and bolts of producing, marketing, preparing presentations, customer service and all the other hardware that makes a business work. Yet it is a fact that people need art and poetry, at least we need a creative outlet or the therapy the humanities provide.

My fellow LinkedIn group (Connect:Professional Women's Network) member and blogger Danielle Gardner summarizes this need by defining "Avocation".
"it’s not a word that is used much these days so let me share with you my take on what it means. Our avocation is what we do for our own pleasure, enjoyment and relaxation. These are pursuits that call us away from our regular work and that provide us with the fuel we need for everything else in life."
Dani Gardner, "What's Your Avocation?" 
It's worth looking harder at. As they say, though, "The struggle is real". In her blog Dannielle confirms what we all know, we put off doing things that are good for ourselves because our time is dedicated to all the things we NEED to do. Guilty here. The answer is in
  • Commitment. Committing to something takes it off Optional Status and makes it a part of your Task List. Commitment that will enable you to pursue your own art and poetry. Next:
  • Appointment. Schedule time for your avocation(s) like you for your work.
  • Experience. Once you experience and enjoy your avocation, a cycle will begin that will drive you to continue. 

I would love to hear from you about your avocation and how pursuing it makes your life and business better.

My avocation? Scrapbooking.

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