Friday, April 8, 2016

Progress Report - or "What happened to that Goal I Set?"

goals and progress, like a game
What's new since I last decided to make a change for the better?
Possibly I read an article, talked to a friend or watched a program that inspired me. I shove the spade in the ground, determined to get going on this new goal. Maybe it's a personal goal like a diet; maybe a professional goal like more efficient project management. But it is gleaming and sparkly and I am fueled up with the leftover energy from whatever inspired me.  I do some research, may buy a book, may download an app, shop for something related to the goal.  I might even make a list, (sarcasm, I am a compulsive list-maker).
So, weeks go by or days, some increment of time. Where am I now on the goal? What happened to that full head of steam?

How not to get bogged down in setting goals:

Expect nothing and when you get it you won't be disappointed. 
That sounds super negative, but it really makes sense. If I expect too much of myself or my time, family, job, boss, or any other factor or player in this goal, I am setting myself up to be disappointed.
Just Live.
Similar to "Just breathe" as is so often heard in our culture.
I made a goal. I did stuff to make it happen. It's not happening as fast as I wanted it to. Just Live. Go about my business and do what needs to be done. Devote attention to the goal as needed or as able.
Take account.
Measure progress.  This is essential to any goal.  Reward success.  Repeat whatever action caused the success. (Spoken like a true programmer.)
Oh and if there is no progress or it stops dead, give self a kick in the pants.

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