Wednesday, June 21, 2017

My Motivated Marketing

Motivation Balloon

What (honestly) drives marketing? Brick one is the obvious unspoken-the bottom line, making the cash we want. Passion is a keyword word in marketing culture so that would be another right answer.  But peeling back the layers, to really have successful marketing, it’s the Who of marketing. Who am I talking to? What is their passion? How can what I am selling make a connection with that passion or need and float upwards to success?

Know Your Peeps
Relationship-building, another keyword in marketing culture is meat and potatoes to motivated marketing. Relationships are built on what? Trust. With what as the number one tool? Communication. Trust has no magic recipe. It’s a matter of time  and the experience your “target audience” (peeps) has with you or what they hear about you.

Research to Learn About Your Peeps
Learn about their business(es): look at their websites and social media. Note areas where you (could) come in. What can you shine and polish? What do they need?

Stay in Touch delivering value in emails and posts. Pass on something useful and make it “professionally personal”. Social media keeps your brand alive even if you have more than enough business – being fresh matters.

Three things then, for optimum motivation in marketing based on the Who of Marketing-
  1. Trust + Communication = Relationship.
  2. Invest in Learning.
  3. Be Seen and Heard (from).
Here's a springboard  to get to know more about the Who of your marketing, a brief (no really) survey. You can make your own on using my same questions if you like. Feel free to complete it, it is not a Sample; it's real. A survey like this can easily be added to your email signature with a simple text (or image) link like this one:
CLICK HERE to complete a four question survey to help me with your business needs.

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